Technology has never been a more crucial component of our daily lives to aid us in our safety and prosperity. Our lives and our livelihood hang in the balance of finding solutions to the problems we face as a society moving forward. With that in mind, PCBM is creating a program to aid kids and families in need of essential technology for the Greater Kansas City Area called “Wired to Help.” With your help, we can provide computers to families trying to work from home or provide remote learning for their children who do not have the equipment to do so. PCBM graciously asks businesses and homes that before you throw away old or retired computers or computer accessories, give us a call, and we will schedule a free pickup of your donation.

Additionally, we have future plans to accept cash donations to put towards refurbishing donated machines and get them capable enough to operate reliably for their new homes. PCBM stands by its mission to improve people’s lives through service and technology, and with WtH, we plan to do just that. Thank you to everyone that has already contributed to this program, and thank you in advance to all of you that will come to aid us in the future. We truly appreciate the support.