The global shortage of GPUs has made gaming PCs very expensive and outside the reach of most gamers. APU systems, an alternative to GPU systems, use CPUs with built-in graphics so graphics cards are not required. APU PCs are great, but most of the time they don’t possess the power necessary to play modern game titles or handle high-demand software.

Enter Project: Iron Ant™, PCBM’s new gaming PC with our exclusive specially-tuned, APU-based system that plays all the most popular PC games and software. Iron Ant uses AMD’s very best APU, the Ryzen 7 5700G, which has Radeon graphics in it.

To make the Iron Ant™ PC compatible with a larger number of games and software, our team went in and fully optimized and re-tuned Windows 10 Pro to run its absolute best. So now, after months of testing and development, we can offer our fellow gamers this powerful and affordable PC with an all-star lineup of hardware including AMD, Noctua, Samsung, AsRock, and Crucial.

Iron Ant™ is also an amazingly compact machine that takes up only a fraction of the space on your desktop. We packed everything into a case less than two liters in volume.  This makes it better than the traditional gaming PCs that are bulky and require a lot of desk space.

Iron Ant™ is built with all premium parts, including 32GB of the lowest latency Crucial Ballistix memory we could find, Noctua’s amazing cooling technology, a blazing fast 1TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2, tied together with AsRock’s main board and case.  This all-star line-up gaming machine costs just a third of what some GPUs alone can cost.

Iron Ant™ is the perfect solution not only for PC gaming but also for software with high-demand rendering needs such as video production, graphic design and 3D modeling. Compact, robust, and powerful, Iron Ant™ is one heavy-lifting PC. Learn more at or call us at (913) 214-6168.

December 18, 2021